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Luvata (Heatcraft) Spring Promotion at E.S. Constant Company

Luvata (Heatcraft) is a world leader in metal fabrication, component manufacturing, and related engineering and design services. Download the complete Spring Promotion postcard (in pdf format).

Cold Weather is Coming!

Be Prepared for Winter Weather
Heatcraft Fall Promotion
Fall Promotion

Get ready for winter with Heatcraft Hot Water & Steam Coils. Don't let the winter weather catch you unprepared. Download the Luvata (Heatcraft) Hot Water & Steam Coils Flyer.

Aar-O-Vent Special
Thrush Aar-O-Vent Special

Thrush Co., Inc. features the Aar-O-Vent™ high performance air and dirt separator for corrosion protection and increased performance in hydronic piping systems. The Aar-O-Vent uses a patented stainless steel coalescing filter medium to separate the air and dirt from the water in systems, that can cause damage to pumps, seals, and valves. The stainless steel construction provides durability and long service life. Other features include a gauge tap on the inlet and outlet connections, a removable bottom cover for cleaning the coalescing medium and a blow down valve for flushing collected sediment. Available sizes for this separator range from 2" to 24".

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